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3 10 Nov 12 2016, 12:58 PM
In: Revolting Roulette
By: The Morrigan
No New Posts Site Lore and Rules
RULES SPECIES Houses Courts history f.a.q. evolving plot

All canon information pertaining to Illuminate is original and may be viewed here, as well as our site rules and guidelines. It is suggested that you read this information prior to making an account; it is required that you read it before apping a character.

8 12 Sep 30 2015, 07:12 PM
In: The Wonderful World of Metals
By: Baal
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Guest questions Vouchers Calendaropen threads

Guest Friendly. Designed for guest and writer interaction with the admin team and additional staff.

9 102 Oct 30 2016, 01:08 PM
In: Open Threads
No New Posts Monthly Competition
Graphics Competition! Writing Competition!

Monthly competitions are a good way to feature certain skills. Each month we have a new one, and we try to cover a broad variety of subjects throughout the year, such as writing, image manipulation, art, site spirit, etc.

2 3 Nov 10 2016, 02:42 AM
In: Post War
By: Heolstor

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Application form

Post pending applications here. If incomplete, please reflect that in the thread title with the phrase 'W.I.P.' or something similar. Thread titles should be a character's name.

3 1 Jul 12 2015, 11:19 PM
In: Application code
By: Baphomet
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face claim players court, house, rank couples

All claims must be filled out prior to any roleplay participation.

5 124 Aug 9 2015, 05:12 PM
In: Birthdays
By: Baphomet
No New Posts Plotting & Tracking

All finished applications will be placed here. Applications contain bio, shipper, character inventory, and thread tracker in an easy to use, tabbed format.

Subforums: Vierte, Lato, Haust, Tel

46 244 Dec 3 2016, 06:29 PM
In: Seikto
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Guest Friendly. Please designate [Male], [Female], [Multiple] or [Mixed] in the title to represent what you are seeking.

4 9 Sep 28 2016, 08:37 AM
In: Various Vándr People
By: Olmagath

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No New Posts The Golden Palace
The undisputed seat of power within Faerie. As the name suggests, the Golden Palace is a towering homage to opulence. Its walls are, as the name might suggest, forged from gold; both traditional and rose. The spires and turrets that grace it are crowned in hammered white gold mixed with hundreds of thousands of crushed opals, so that when the sun crests above them the effect is at once blinding and yet breathtaking; a thousand prisms forced to drip like wax along the golden outer walls and onto the courtyards below, though only ever at noon.

Nor are the walls simply unadorned gold. It appears rough, rather than smooth, at a distance. This is because the walls have been carved and inlaid - both inside and out - with patterns that mortals would recognize as a reflection of their own Baroque period. While there are those who scoff at such tribute to excess, it is one of the most fiercely coveted estates within Faerie. For that reason it is heavily defended, with sweeping walls and manned watchtowers.

No easy feat, given the sheer scope of its sprawl. The watchfires that burn at night are enchanted to burn with the colors of whichever house currently sits the throne.

Subforums: Audience Chamber, Eastern Wing, Grounds, Guard's Quarters

11 90 Apr 24 2016, 05:28 PM
In: Burning Star
By: Tisiphone
No New Posts Faobhar Manor
To call Faobhar a manor seems almost disingenuous. Owned by House Achainn, its propensity for the extravagant nearly rivals the Golden Palace itself. In terms of proximity, it is the only house closest to the palace. Its walls are carved entirely from blue Tourmaline, crafted in such a way that the upper, polished blue of the stone adorns its many towers. The result is that the color of the manor itself gradually shifts in natural gradients, from an inky navy to purest sky and then darkens once more into a rich black. Because Tourmaline, by its natural, is crystal, the end result is that sunlight quite literally pierces through the manor, almost seeming to set it ablaze from a distance.

The inner courtyard boasts a sweeping lawn, bordered by a walled orchard that bears fruit year round. Strange, pale fruit that seems to glow within. Sweeter, they say, than honey, and far more crisp than any other fruit ever tasted. But it impresses a sense of melancholy on those foolish enough to eat it. A bitter sort of longing. Their fountains are carved from marble, and spout not water, but gold. Delicate, peculiar flowers - white with gold veins - emit a natural glow at dusk, and can be coaxed to root in the hair of those who pluck it.

Subforums: Lake Arach, Draíocht, Aoibhneas Orchard

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No New Posts Veil City
One of the few true cities in all of Faerie, it is the only one that also happens to have modern human technologies. While there is no ban on any species to live there, the only real rule is that the fae must act as human as possible. Why is this you ask? Because Veil City is actually a tourist spot where only the wealthiest of the wealthy mortals are allowed to mingle with the fae.

Having the appearance of a sprawling metropolis, it fuses many of the aesthetics of both worlds, though absolutely none of the construction is formed out of iron or any of its alloys, which makes all of the structures and technology there safe for faerie use.

Subforums: Balaphast, Kalopsia, Scáil an Bháis, Sciathán

10 54 Nov 21 2016, 10:20 AM
In: Oderint dum Metuant
No New Posts The Eternal Plains
The Eternal Plains are a vast flat, grassland between the golden city and the Unforgiving Mountains, which lie far to the west. Known predominantly for housing the wise and artistic Centaurs, the Eternal Plains are open to any fae wishing to make their home there. The land there is rich, which makes it ideal for raising crops and livestock. To that end, the area is known most for feeding most of 'civilized faerie'. In truth, food is only the second most important export of the Eternal Plains. The first being knowledge.

The Collegium, found in the Centaur capital is quite possibly the greatest learning facility in all of the fae lands. The residents of the Eternal Plains live democratically. While they do not elect their leaders, the lords of House Spreagadh are known for encouraging healthy discussion and debate over important topics.

Subforums: Ddinas, The Foothills, The Labyrinth, Meraki Falls

4 30 Nov 25 2016, 05:37 PM
In: A Dragon's Wrath
By: Talln

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No New Posts Ceobhránach Binn
At the heart of the Endless Wilds is Ceobhránach Binn.Colloquially known as the Spire, it is a favored place of residence for those of House Saol - or its remnants. Vegetation is sparse here, regulated to wide swaths of the deceptively delicate Multiflora vine, and the ancient pines that dominate the Spire's jagged, weathered crevices. While the Spire lacks the elevation of a true 'floating mountain,' it still towers over the rest of the wild at an impressive height of four hundred feet. As such, it is one of the few landmarks easily distinguishable in the wilds.

The atmosphere is thin, and often bitterly cold, making habitation by any unfortunate creature other than a phoenix nigh impossible. The stone that makes up the Spire is polished fluorite. At dawn and dusk, the angle of the sun's rays are aligned to showcase the smoky pale greens, blues, and purples of the stone. Several residential 'halls' have been carved into the face of the stone, and fresh water is provided via a natural spring towards the center of the structure.

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No New Posts Crann Naofa
As the name suggests, the Endless Wilds has no true end. Therefore, it lacks true 'outskirts.' Nonetheless, if any place could be said to border the Wild's outskirts, it would be Crann Naofa. Less a place. More of a 'what.' Crann Naofa is the name given to the wild's oldest oak; the only tree that can be considered truly ancient. The broad trunk has grown warped over the years; bending into swollen, intricate shapes that snake over and around anything in its path. It has encased stone and forgotten alters in this way.

Home to the forest spirits, its twisting branches vault skyward, and on closer examination are a latticework of swaying bridges and faded, almost featureless stone faces from the effigies of old gods the tree has consumed. Small lanterns guild the tip of nearly every branch. Attuned to the natural light cycles of the wilds, they emit a soft, golden glow at dusk, and turn off again at the first gray hint of dawn. There is a city in these branches; modest, yes, but a city, carved from the ancient wood and the white-gold honeycombs that drip like spires of cathedral wax from the top of its branches down to base of its trunk.

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No New Posts An Caillte
Not far from Lake Caoinim lie the ruins of An Caillte. Once a place of offerings and a sanctuary in which to commune with the goddess - or simply a place for quiet reflection, the temple has since fallen into decay. Appropriately renamed 'The Lost,' the temple, though an echo of its former splendor, is still beautiful, if largely overgrown. Pillars of moonstone support sagging archways. Crumbling statuary dots the remnants of a once flourishing garden, now wild and overgrown, roses no longer delicate but bristling with longer, sharper thorns.

Even so, smooth, polished stone circles of smoky - almost cloudy moonstone and quartz of all colors have been left undisturbed around the smooth stone alters tucked into each corner of the open clearing it stands in. Offerings are still sometimes still made here - everything from coins to flowers to halved portions of food, depending on the nature of the request and its price. The crowning glory is the circular remains of the temple itself; rounded windows made from thin, hammered amethyst throw soft lavender prisms onto the circular floor, which, in turn, has trace flakes of gold set into the stone. In full daylight, the entire temple is alight in shades of purple and gold, with tiny alcoves that once bore incense tucked into the walls.

1 44 Sep 30 2016, 07:40 AM
In: Seeded Dreams
By: Marang
No New Posts The Green Horizon
An endless sea of trees stretch far into the distance, no matter how deeply one travels into the thicket. This is what one thinks of when they hear about the Endless Wilds.

Subforums: Lake Caoinim, Lilidheach

3 41 Oct 7 2016, 12:51 PM
In: Tango Oscuro
By: Chait

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No New Posts The Unforgiving Mountains
The mountains do not tower so much as crouch. Sullenly, at that. A jagged line of stone that never quite sheds the snow at its crown - which settles over the otherwise bleak-looking stone like funerary ash - the mountains are squat. They more closely resemble the crooked, twice-broken spine of some long dead and forgotten beast. The plains below are, during the months of mid-spring and early fall, perpetually cloaked in its twilight gray shadow.

By winter, it more than silences any speculation as to whether it lives up to its name. Once the days grow shorter, the mountains are virtually impassable. And as pitiless as their namesake suggests. It's not uncommon for the inexperienced to freeze to death even in the spring, if they lose their way. It is for this reason that only the hardier stock in faerie call this place of sheer cliff face and year-round snowfall home.

Subforums: The Spine, Drochtuarach, Tromluí

4 16 Dec 5 2016, 06:43 PM
In: Well, This Got Awkward...
No New Posts The Endless Ocean
True to its name, the Endless Ocean is disconcertingly vast. As such, one of its more significant facets is that it does not encompass merely one biome, but several. The geography of the ocean shifts, in subtle ways. One moment the waters may be the clearest, palest of blues and soft greens - vaguely reminiscent of the sea-glass-toned waters of the Caribbean, and the next a flat, featureless slate, crowned with ice floes and bitterly cold.

Home to the Merfolk, the borders of the ocean are zealously guarded - with a fervor that borders on both fanaticism and paranoia. Their cities are constructed from natural coral; vibrant colors of soft rose, sanguine, and nearly every shade in between. Some of them even incorporate the broken skeletons of shipwrecks, most of which are preserved from decay due to the high concentration of brine present, and the barnacles that tend to adhere to them like armor crafted from aged bone.

The lower depths of the ocean is perhaps the only area of their domain they are reluctant to exert full claim over. Blind, half-formed creatures are said to thrive there. Alike and yet unlike the merfolk themselves. With an odd hunger for their cousin's warmer flesh. Whether merely rumors or darker half-truths, it is advisable to avoid where the sea abruptly darkens.

Subforums: Auron Prime, Anatolios, Canes Venatici, Sepulchrum

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No New Posts Historic Roleplay
For roleplay that takes place in the past. Be sure to designate both the date (or general time period) as well as the location somewhere in the thread so that people who are following know what is going on.

2 6 Dec 4 2016, 09:58 AM
No New Posts Communication
Posts on this board may be shorter than minimum word-count requirement.

A common form of communication amongst the fae is speaking to each other through reflective surfaces. This can be achieved with a small blood sacrifice (like pricking one's finger) and calling out to the fae in question by their full name and rank. Fae also commonly write each other letters. In Veil City, some of them even have cell phones, though this is rare.

Subforums: Aphotic

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introductions testimonials absences

Feel free to post whatever you want here, so long as it's not against site rules.

8 30 Nov 10 2016, 09:44 PM
In: Absences
By: Tara
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Go wild and shit.

10 80 Oct 24 2016, 08:40 PM
In: I Like
By: Radiodask

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